Crack the Code ...

Learn proven strategies on how to share your soulful message to create meaningful impact and access lucrative opportunities (those big contracts) with corporate and large organizations.


The past 3 years have proven challenging on many fronts. Many businesses were forced to shift their business model on a dime, learn how to be flexible and resilient, and embrace the constant pivot. They're experiencing a whole new kind of change management

Now, as things have opened back up, and the push to "get back to normal" is forefront, many employees are being told to "come back to work" and that they need to be in the office once again ... and, companies still are struggling with creating hybrid and work-from-home models. Not to mention all the issues around psychological safety.

Which means there NEVER has been a better time to get in front of corporate clients to bring immense VALUE and create meaningful IMPACT.

YES! You read that right ... NEVER has there been a better time to play in this space!

Think about it ... it's a whole new ballgame right now. Everything is upside down, and inside out. All the rules have been changed.

Employees were forced to work from home, business had to adapt, and adjust their products / services, causing mass upheaval, chaos and change ... now, employees, leaders and businesses are being asked to pivot once again ... and, on a constant basis.

Emotions, anxiety, and uncertainty are at an all-time high; and leaders don't have the tools to effectively navigate these turbulent waters. 


Talk about wide open possibilities to add value!


For instance ... have you ever found yourself thinking?

  • My message is too "woo woo" or "soft" for corporate

  • I’m not qualified to speak to corporate as I've never had a corporate job

  • I am not a big enough "player" or known as an expert or authority

  • My message isn't polished enough

  • I don't know how to do "corporate speak"

  • I don't know who to talk to or how to start the conversation

  • I don’t know how to show the value of what I offer

  • I don't know how to create a proposal or how to price my offer

  • I don't know how to navigate the corporate waters and politics

  • I've had a few corporate gigs here-and-there, but I'm ready for MORE!


What if you could "crack the code" ... 


Think about it, right now, there are host of issues and themes showing up all across the corporate landscape as they, once again, are being asked to shift, pivot, adjust, and create greater resiliency.

Leaders are being challenged right now with: 

  • Dealing with uncertainty, change management, & the lack of proper resiliency tools

  • How to keep employees connected & engaged while working from home

  • Implementing real diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives to create real change
  • How to help employees transition back to work, in the office
  • Creating greater emotional intelligence (EQ) for leaders, teams, and cultures
  • Helping employees create productive work structure & systems

  • Creating balance for employees with work and being present for their families

  • Implementing wellness strategies & creating greater life/work balance


And, leaders need YOUR message NOW more than ever.


They need clarity & direction, resiliency tools, crisis management & work-from-home processes & procedures, change management strategies, emotional intelligence skills, and wellness initiatives for themselves & their teams.

And, that's just scratching the surface ... they need a whole LOT more. 


The need YOUR message, YOUR gifts, and YOUR light!


So, imagine if you really could "crack the code." Guess what ... you can! All you need is the know-how and a powerful game plan.

That's where I come in. You see, I have 20 years working in corporate in various leadership positions under my belt. I also was the person who used to bring in coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers in those positions. 

And, since stepping away 10 years ago, I have created an organization that has supported numerous fortune 100 & 500 companies (e.g., GE Healthcare, Cox Media, Rockwell Automation, ClabberGirl, just to name a few), along with several major universities (e.g., Duke, Northwestern, Texas Tech), colleges, government agencies, and even the U.S. Army Reserves (I even got to run their entire Field Course)

I've been doing this successfully for a really LONG time. I have created some serious impact, as a result. I've created a system and approach that works ... and, it works really well. 

And, I want to share my proven system with you over six weeks. So, I created an incubator to give you access to a fast track, provided you commit to doing the work required. 

Because, YES, there is work. And, I assure you that IF you do the proper frontloading and the work upfront, you will be able to wash, rinse, and repeat the process over and over again. 


In this 6-week incubator, you will gain:

  • Mastery of the language to connect with leaders (corporate speak)

  • Effective role plays to increase confidence in communicating your value

  • Connection to meaningful KPIs & ROIs (company metrics)

  • Accountability framework to leverage deeper opportunities 

  • Structured approach to cultivate new & existing clients



This is an interactive, intensive training program for coaches, consultants, thoughts leaders, creatives, and lightworkers who are serious about taking their message to corporate.

You'll be rolling up your sleeves, digging deep, and doing the work required to level up. This incubator is designed to activate some real traction and sustainable momentum for you very quickly in the corporate arena (again, if fully commit and do the work).

That being said, in order to get the most out of this experience, you need to be ALL in. There is some "heavy loading" to get the foundation laid. 

Now, if you're ready, let's do this!

I cannot wait to play with you in this space! I've got a seat waiting for you!

With deep reverence, Candy

Incubator Starts: Tuesday, July 18th

We'll meet LIVE  (virtually on Zoom) for 6 weeks every Tuesday from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CT, starting on July 18, 2023. 

(You also will have lifetime access to the replay recordings hosted on the training portal)

Crack the Code Training Curriculum

The "Crack the Code" Incubator is designed to be a deep immersion space to develop your strategy to successfully capture corporate clients. You will receive access to the training to help you dig in and create the system & tools you need to close the deal from start-to-finish.

Week # 1 & 2: Identifying Your Who & What

In Weeks # 1 & 2, you will get clear on your ideal corporate client & the niche you truly serve. In addition, you will learn how to leverage LinkedIn to powerfully open up target prospects.

Week #3: Connected Conversations

In Week #3, you will learn the language (corporate speak) to effectively connect with prospects, gain clarity on their biggest issues, and connect the value of what you have to offer.

Week #4 & 5: Unique Value System/Offer

For Weeks #4 & 5, you will workshop a framework & template to build-out your Unique Value Offer and system. You will identify specific themes, targeted training & tools.

Week #6: Proposal & Follow-up

In Week #6, you will construct a winning proposal. In addition, you will create a follow-up system / framework for accountability to measure progress & leverage more.

"I joined Candy's Cultivating Corporate Clients Mastermind (aka Crack the Code) with the intention of broadening my reach and supporting my service in the corporate arena. What I gained was so much more! Candy provided, not only a wealth of experience both in her facilitation and in the resources she provided, she also created a safe space for questions, discussion, sharing of experiences ... and for real practice! Most transformative for me, she reminded us of our responsibility to share our gifts. I left with greater confidence, and the tools, new ideas, and resources to put that confidence to action. And I have seen incredible results as a result."

Annemarie Shrouder
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion International Speaker, Consultant & Facilitator

"We hired Candy as our business coach after seeing her speak from stage. She set us on fire with motivation and inspiration. We obviously made the right decision to work with her because, with her guidance, our company has reached a whole new level of success. Candy is brilliant at cutting out the time-wasting activities, creating clear-cut goals along with an effective strategy for making what we offer into profit. Regular consultations with her have proven to be the secret ingredient to our most recent successes. Plus, she's a hoot! What a great sense of humor she has!! We definitely got our return on investment, and then some, with Candy."

Tamara Green
Integrative Mind Body Wellness Solutions Author, Speaker & Trainer

"Candy Barone is a true altruistic powerhouse! She takes on the desires of her clients (both personal and corporate) and ensures success! Candy is motivating and inspirational. But, Candy is not for the bystanders of life. If you are lucky enough to work with Candy you need to be committed to change, because what you tell her you want, is exactly what she delivers! In addition to 1:1 coaching, Candy commands a room and is an in-demand international speaker. I have witnessed the power she brings through her message and all audience members are forever changed as a result of listening to her. So if REAL change is what you want and if YOU are ready to commit to the process, this is your gal!"

Debbie Elder
Innovative Education Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator & Coach

Additional Bonuses (value of over $997 in additional support & resources)

  • Copy of Candy's Corporate Secrets eBook (valued at $97)
  • Complimentary access to Candy's online Corporate Playbook, a self-directed training (7 modules) loaded with templates & tools (valued at $997)



One-Time Payment

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3 Monthly Payments

YES! I'm In!

Candy is a catalyst in bringing a new perspective to how we define, model, and activate leadership, "soul leadership, as she calls it." She guides people through conscious leadership transformation, teaching them how to powerfully inspire, influence, and create impact from a space of deep authenticity, compassion, integrity and grace.

Candy has delivered her message, coaching, facilitation, and training to global Fortune 500 companies, prominent universities & colleges, large organizations, government agencies, and even the U.S Army Reserves.

Showcased in publications and spaces such as, U.S. News & World Report, The Austin Statesman, Austin Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, ciLiving TV and has Fast Company at SXSW, among numerous radio shows, magazine and podcasts.

Your message is needed NOW!

This incubator is highly interactive and will give you space to workshop the elements you need to cultivate successful corporate relationships. You will receive powerful templates and tools to help you create a winning, repeatable and sustainable framework to capture lucrative corporate contracts. You will have opportunities to role play and get direct coaching so you feel confident to close those big deals!


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