You Empowered Strong:
Infinite Possibilities in the Power of YES

Amazon Bestselling Author Candy Barone


"A wonderful resource to help provide clarity around your goals, break down the barriers getting in your way and take action to help you create the life you were born to live.” 

—Jon Gordon, Best-selling author of The Energy Bus, The Seed and The Carpenter

"I highly recommend You Empowered Strong! It provides a deeper perspective in helping answer some of the big questions we all have about living a more meaningful life. Get ready to learn and grow.

— Derrick Sweet, Chairman of the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Company and Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation

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You Empowered Strong" is a self-directed book and resource to help you live the life you truly want! Candy helps you get crystal clear on the goals you have for yourself, identify the barriers that might be getting in your way, and put together a game plan to make your dreams a reality.

Testimonials for You Empowered Strong

Read what others have to say about Candy's book: "You Empowered Strong: Infinite Possibilities in the Power of YES"

"You Empowered Strong had a powerful and even life-changing impact on my directions, goals, and purpose. I thought that the apathy and defeat that I was feeling daily was maybe a symptom of getting older or working and playing too hard, but Barone's book brought me chapter by chapter along a process that identified causes and conditions in a brutally honest but positive way. By the end of the book, I remembered my passions and purpose in life and became motivated/ committed to living in this passion. I feel reborn. I have reclaimed a youthful fervor for my life due to reading You Empowered Strong. It's well written so that anybody could pick it up and be able to read it easily. It's a personal process, a mirror. Everybody should read this book, but especially those of us who, like myself, have been thinking for months and years, "there's got to be something more" or "I must not be on the right path, life doesn't feel right"." - Sly Ricketson



"Candy Barone is known as a “No Excuses” Coach. I have to agree with that title!! Whether you are a client or friend, she truly desires for you to get to the next LEVEL. Her passion and determination to win is outlined in this book. This book is a game-changer for all who desire TRUE Change in your life. She has laid out the plan of true empowerment in this book. I believe she has captured the true heart of a person designed to succeed with the step by step guide to assist you on your journey. If you want to be BETTER, if you want to get UNSTUCK and if you want to be EMPOWERED, get a copy of Candy’s Book." - Sheryl Jones



"This is not your usual “self help” book, but Candy is not your usual coach. Her philosophy echoes a concept conveyed by the Immortal Bard: “Thus unto thine ownself be true - and it shall follow as the day the night, thou canst not then be false to any man.” While sharing personal experiences, she clearly shows how being one’s own person without sacrificing integrity can lead to a richer, more rewarding life. Along with sage advice, each chapter incorporates a call to action and one or more inspirational quotes from such divergent luminaries as Aristotle and Mark Twain – words to live by. This aids the reader in recognizing and targeting his or her own destiny. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs the inspiration to identify a true calling, or who struggles to find the courage, wisdom and strength to answer it. I have always scoffed at motivational books and speakers, but Candy Barone’s words arise from her erudite mind and sincere heart with authority and authenticity." - Joan Thomas



"Candy Barone has the way to help you! Want to change your job, create a new career, become more accepting of yourself or life your life more fully? You'll find step-by-step processes to do just that! This book proves that "Good things do come in small packages!" At 98 pages, you can read it in one day, then return again and again as you take action, guided by Candy's compassionate, conversational tone and tried-and-true ideas. If you can't have her as your coach, do yourself a favor and buy her book! Great book by a powerhouse young woman! You must meet her!" - Donna O'Klock



“This book is amazing and is one of the awesome tools I have in my kit for this year’s success! Thank you for writing this Candy and all your great insight.” - Kathy “Song” Campbell



"Started reading my copy on New Years Day! Thank you Candy Barone for sharing such great information and tools. This book is absolutely incredible. This will be one of the must read books for my Miri Vita Team members as we ramp up the company!" - Lee Hunter



"Feeding my brain with goodness from my dear friend Candy Barone: "Let [the past] be what it is--it only serves as a resource from which to learn, and the future has not happened and is still open for design.”” - Candy Ruh



"Candy Barone and her book rocks! Learn how to discover real possibilities for your life and stop "shoulding" all over yourself. I finished your book yesterday. Powerful words and sound advice that every person should read. I just ordered 5 more copies to give to my clients. You rock!" - Becky Smith



"I just wrapped up the chapter in her book where it talks about us saying to ourselves "I am responsible". It takes my decisions to an entire new level of importance. Her topics should be taught in high schools across the today need to hear what she has to say. They really do. They're too focused on what everyone else thinks that it's sad...truly horrible. Anywhos. there's my rant for the hour. lol You should Candy. You should create a curriculum for these topics to be taught as a course at schools all over." - Hannah Quijada



"Reading You Empowered Strong and LOVE the thoughts on why we don't think "outside the box" as naturally as we could from a state of empowerment. The paradox of what we're taught in our youth and what's expected in adulthood can be really perplexing!" - Samira Noorali



"Your book speaks my language, girl! I struggle with reading - if I'm not engaged or feel like someone it talking directly to me I end up staring at what I feel is a blank page." - Sarah Elizabeth



"I have studied this book for several weeks. These twelve chapters will change your life. You must meet Candy Barone." - David Mendoza



"Looking for an upsurge in your powerful purpose? Everyone needs a collection of mentors to bolster your best resource -YOU! Who do you look to for mental strength training? Check out my friend Candy Barone and her book :You Empowered Strong (Chapter 5 is my personal favorite... "The Power and Intention of the Words You Choose")." - Gina Waterfield



""For I am a glorious and powerful child of God. I strive to live a more loving, more beautiful and more harmonious life. I thank you for the amazing gifts you have graciously bestowed upon me. I will embrace these gifts fully and without fear. I know I was created to be great and to sing the song within my heart" Candy Barone You Empowered Strong, the infinite possibilities in the Power of YES. Excerpt of what I'm reading right now and this jumped out at me and I loved it. Check it out!" - Lisa Goodpaster



"MUST READ!!! Check out my friend Candy Barone's new book! I can tell you from personal experience her advice is sound." Stephanie Zieman