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Conscious Leadership & Living Legacy

Learning to powerfully influence & lead from love, with love ... from a space of deep authenticity, compassion, integrity & grace.

Mindset & Personal Mastery

Understand your limiting beliefs, programming & stories to create powerful shifts & breakthroughs.

Leadership, Influence & Impact

Redefine how you assess leadership. For it's a function of how you choose to show up, serve others & take personal responsibility.

Transition & Transformation

Tap into your innate gifts, amazing talents & magnificent light to create massive influence & impact in the world.

We model and teach the power of leading from love, with love, to create a greater sense of collaboration and community while feeding the soul of business.

YES Signature Programs

Are you living your BEST life, the life of your DREAMS? Your time is NOW ... and, here are some of our signature programs designed to help you leveling up your life, your leadership, your business, and your purpose!

The Meaning Phase of Your Life

"Don't die with your music still inside you!" These powerful words spoken and shared by the late, Dr. Wayne Dyer still resonate in my soul. You see, we all have a song to sing that is uniquely and authentically ours ... and, ours alone! And, the question is: are you willing to show up and sing your song loudly and proudly for all the world to hear? Isn't it time?

"Candy is amazing. She volunteered her time to help our organization during these unprecedented times. She is energizing, genuine and truly cares about her community and those she works with. She presented to our team on resilience, but in a way that was REAL and CANDID! She made the session interactive and the team was totally engaged and opening up. Her style and grace come together to create an experience that helps everyone grow. When asked for one aha at the end of the session most team members said - there were so many I can not pick just one. Candy has already offered to do another training with our team. ROCKSTAR!"

Leslie Talansky
Vice President, Cox Media California

"You must experience Candy Barone! Over the past three years, I have had the good fortune of sitting in on five of Candy’s training sessions, from sessions for a small team of 10 to a broad group of 200 participants. I am always amazed at how Candy is able to command the room with such passion and energy, and no matter how long the session is, from two hours to two days, the audience is always left wanting more. Candy’s message truly hits the mark and has helped me to become a stronger leader and strike a better balance at home with my wife and my daughters. I am Empowered Strong, my team is delivering explosive results, and I am leading a more purposeful life — all of which I attribute to “the Candy Barone experience!"

John Thompson
Commercial Manager, Fortune 100 Company

"If you are ready to break through the fears that are holding you back, if you are ready to step into your purpose and passion, IF YOU ARE READY TO CREATE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS, then you here's your opportunity. Candy's events have been integral in my ability to find my passion and purpose, and overcome fears that had been crippling me for decades. I've gone through an amazing transformation over the past year and it's all because I attended Candy's 3-day event in January 2018. I haven't missed one since. These events have been integral in my ability to find my passion and purpose and overcome fears that had been crippling me for decades and #bloom."

Lynn Burdick
Entrepreneur, Owner, Lynn Burdick Designs

"We hired Candy as our business coach after seeing her speak from stage. She set us on fire with motivation and inspiration. We obviously made the right decision to work with her because, with her guidance, our company has reached a whole new level of success. Candy is brilliant at cutting out the time-wasting activities, creating clear-cut goals along with an effective strategy for making what we offer into profit. Regular consultations with her have proven to be the secret ingredient to our most recent successes. Plus, she's a hoot! What a great sense of humor she has!! We definitely got our return on investment, and then some, with Candy."

Tamara Green, LCSW
Co-Founder, Loving Meditations

"Working with Candy Barone is like experiencing the Divine in action. She embodies grace, love, tenacity and most importantly, she does it with truth, fun and discernment. Her thought leadership begins with the heart and like Midas when you encounter her presence your life professionally and personally is transformed into Gold. She constantly reminds us to be kind to everyone at all times but especially to ourselves. I am grateful for that message as it continues to be life changing for me. I not only recommend Candy Barone but encourage you to attend one of her engaging seminars. "

Cherrie Hughes
Self-Employed, Entrepreneur, Realtor

"Candy is an amazing coach, trainer and motivational speaker. I first met Candy at her three -day workshop “Leaders Empowered Strong Summit (LESS 2018)”. She has an amazing ability to present her material in a way that deeply captures and connects with her audience. It was an impressive workshop, kept my full attention the entire time and changed my life. I was lucky enough to work with Candy as my coach and participate in one of her mastermind groups. She has helped me gain clarity for my business, personal and professional goals. She encouraged me to remain focused on my unique gifts I bring to others and the universe. What sets Candy apart from others in her field is her ability to motivate and inspire you to be your best self. Whether you are looking for a personal coach or business coach, Candy will be an advocate for you and hold you accountable. She comes to you with experience and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful. As an incredible coach and mentor, Candy has made a huge difference in my life."

Tricia Price
Human Resources Leader, Utilities Industry

"Candy led our Cox Media California team through a session on resiliency & it was amazing! Everybody was engaged and uplifted. Her energy and spirit are infectious! Candy knows her stuff, she's genuine and a natural. We're looking forward to working with her again & sharing her passion with other parts of the business. She's a powerhouse & I'm so grateful to have connected with her."

Sabrina Wilkerson
Executive Assistant, Cox Media California

"I have know Candy going on 7 years now and have been to many of her events, had her as my coach and was engaged with her mastermind group most recently. She is a powerhouse! If you are looking to hire a yes person she is not for you, if you looking to be a YES person you can stop now. She is truly one of the most knowledgeable, energetic and motivation people I know and has help propel my agency to heights I would not have thought possible! Thanks Candy, you are amazing!"

Luci Temple
Owner / Agent, Farmer's Insurance

Enlightened SOULciety

We, as emerging leaders, lightworkers, healers and enlightened entrepreneurs have a responsibility to shift the level of consciousness and demonstrate both the power of love and the power of infinite possibilities.
When we come together, we are able to access greater knowledge, richer experiences, and deeper paths for healing, both in our personal lives and in business.
We are being called to step forward, to disrupt the current playing field, to bring awareness and forgiveness to the forefront … so we can come together and engage in courageous, connected conversations to create meaningful and sustainable change.
This synergistic space has been created to invite purposeful ways to connect into our SOUL. As we explore and invite more SOULfood and SOULplay into our experiences, we can collectively begin to raise the frequency and vibration of love in our work, in our communities, and in our lives!

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