Aligned AF & Authentically YOU Virtual Masterclass



Isn't Time to Remember Who the F*ck You Are ...


In this three-session interactive virtual workshop, you will gain an understanding of what is holding you back.

You will learn to recognize the signs of your limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome, along with accessing the tools and strategies to help you break the cycle of burnout once and for all.

Together, we will engage in rich, juicy discussions, interactive training and deep, thought-provoking and insightful activities to help you to truly become aligned AF as your authentic self.  


October 3, 4, and 5, 2023 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm CT | via Zoom

(all three sessions will be 90 minutes in length; replays will be provided)

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 You're a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic miracle ...


Do you realize that you are the only YOU?

Think about this ... it's by no accident or coincidence that you are here right now, on the planet in this moment, to bring the unique gift of YOU to the world. It's your magic, your superpower, your purpose.

In fact, YOU are YOUR purpose.

Everything you need is already within you ... it's just a matter of tapping into and activating that magic to serve those you are here to serve. And, it starts with you coming back home to yourself. 

In these three powerful 90-minute workshop sessions, you will identify where you are playing small, assess the common triggers that strip away your confidence, and unlock the pathway to call you back home to yourself so that you can live out the full expression of who you are, and who you were designed to be.

You will learn the secret to becoming truly Aligned AF.


Here's what you can expect from each sessions:

Session #1: Stop Operating in a "Culture of Nice" & from a place of "Comparisonitis"

Do you know that "nice" and "kind" are not that same energy? In fact, it could very well be that the "culture of nice" is actually part of what's holding you back and keeping you playing small. In this session, we are going to unpack all that, along with the toxic energy connected to our addiction to comparisonitis, that incessant need to compare our value to others. 

Session #2: Recognizing & Releasing your Programming to Rewrite the Story of YOU

We will discuss the power of programming & conditioning around us and how that plays a major factor in our own sense of self-worth. We often are unconscious of the deep impact it plays in how we choose to show up. When we address the limiting stories we tell ourselves, we can then rewrite the narrative in an expansive way to fully express the truth of who we are.

Session #3: Accessing Your Unique Energetic Blueprint & Creating Real WELLth

Did you know that you have a customized operating plan designed just for you? Seriously, you have your own coding and way you are here to show up in the world. You just forgot how to access that magic. Imagine if, you not only knew the way to unlock your potential, but you also knew how to prime your own tank on a regular basis so that you are full & overflowing. 


Are you ready to fully express who you authentically are?


“Candy Barone has changed my life and lit up a new world of possibilities for me. She is an extremely dedicated and passionate coach that has opened my eyes to my worth and potential that I have as a woman, mother and business owner. The tools that she uses to help you break down the things that hinder you and push you through your barriers are powerfully raw and effective. I recommend anyone looking for guidance, reflection and direction to call her immediately!” - Amber C.

“I’d like to point out that Candy truly was the catalyst for all of this. Working with her has been an investment in my future that has already paid for itself several times over. She will challenge you (how many times have I said "Damn you, Candy Barone!" because she called me out on my BS.) and I am a better person for it. If you believe life is about CREATING your life and growing into your potential, then Candy has your back.” - Lynn B.

“You must experience Candy Barone! Candy’s message truly hits the mark and has helped me to become a stronger leader and strike a better balance at home with my wife and my daughters. I am Empowered Strong, and I am leading a more purposeful life — all of which I attribute to “the Candy Barone experience!" - John T.

“Candy will help you explore & connect with your deepest desires to live life to the fullest, define success for yourself, and achieve more than you ever thought could be possible. I highly recommend the experience of working with her!” - Zipporah E.

"What sets Candy apart from others in her field is her ability to motivate & inspire you to be your best self. Candy will be an advocate for you & hold you accountable. She comes to you with experience & in-depth knowledge of what it takes to be successful. As an incredible mentor, Candy has made a huge difference in my life.” - Tricia P.


October 3, 4, and 5, 2023 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm CT | via Zoom

(all three sessions will be 90 minutes in length; replays will be provided)

Investment of ONLY $47

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Meet your teacher: Candy Barone

Candy is a heart-centered soul guide and thought leader. She is a leadership development expert, international speaker, Amazon best-selling author & host of the Aligned As F*ck podcast.

Candy teaches others how to show up fully and authentically to powerfully influence and create impact from a space of deep authenticity, compassion, integrity & grace.

She is a catalyst bringing a new perspective and consciousness to how we define, model and activate leadership, "soul leadership."  

She’s been showcased in publications such as, U.S. News & World Report, The Austin Statesman, Austin Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, ciLiving TV, served as panel facilitator for Fast Company at SXSW, and been a guest on numerous radio shows, magazine publications and podcasts.

Candy lives in Austin with her dog, Ernie Banks … who truly has her wrapped around his little paw!