Creating Resiliency in the Face of Chaos

by candy barone Mar 16, 2020

As emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, role models, business owners, and humans, we often find ourselves in moments of setbacks, hardship, and even ... crisis. 

When this happens, it can be easy to get caught up in the downward spiral of the negative, in what feels as if it is happening to us, rather than remembering that all life is happening for us and tuning into practical tools of resilience to help us remain calm, centered and open.

The most simple definition of resilience is the ability to "bounce back" ... or, the ability to be happy, successful and grateful again after something bad or difficult has happened. It is merely the ability to return quickly to a positive condition after something bad has occurred.

As we currently are experienced many unexpected changes in the world right now ... many people also are experiencing fear, anxiety, confusion, stress, resentment, among a host of other feelings.

Perhaps, that's you …

If so, there are ways to rise above the fear, to become more centered and grounded, and to implement tools to help you through these murky waters.

Here are some ones you can use starting right now:

1) Meditate

Meditation has bee proven to be a powerful and effective tool in creating stillness. By allowing ourselves to be still, to engage in mindful breathing and to sit with what presents, we also create space to release the anxiety, stress & fear showing up as a result of unknown conditions and worry.

There are many different types of meditation. If you are new to this space, there are a few easy ways to start. 

  • Candle Technique - Place a lit candle in front of you. sit in a position that feels comfortable to you. Simply allow you eyes to follow and focus only on the flame. Allow yourself to slow down your breathing and simply connect with the flame. Any time you find yourself distracted with thoughts, just bring your attention back to the flame. (Note: You might want to set a timer in advance, as it's easy to fall into a trance-like state. This will help bring you back to the present after 10-20 minutes.) 
  • Guided Meditation - There are some amazing apps available to help you do this with little to no effort on your part. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit and push play on the meditation you selected from the app. Usually these meditations are 10 - 30 minutes in length. Some of my favorite apps are:
    • Calm
    • Brain.FM
    • Headspace 

2) Connect to Nature

Nature is God's medicine. It soothes the soul and we are one with its rhythms. What nature breathes out, we breathe in. Nothing simpler than that. There is a perfection and grace in all that nature provides. You can feel the protection of it, how Mother Earth embraces each and every one of us.

When you give yourself space to connect, to breathe in, and to marvel at what nature provides, you create a bridge for deeper connection and healing. For me, I find nature to even be my church, where I easily can connect into my highest power. Simply by taking a walk, leaning up against a tree, listening to the leaves rustle, or just taking in the energy of it all can be so uplifting. 

3) Play 

Ah, the power of play! A lost art for most. We have been so busy adulting, that we often forget the healing power of play. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be creative, to be silly, to do something simply for the enjoyment of it?

You may be finding yourself directed to stay closer to home. This is a perfect time to let your inner child out. Color, build forts, watch cartoons, play cards, and laugh for no reason at all! Play builds connection, not only to others, but for ourselves. Be in the present moment. Celebrate life. For, in this moment, you are ok ... you are alive. Play in the being-ness of that!

4) Nourish Yourself 

While I personally refuse to get overly invested in all the preventive care many are taking, I also am mindful that I need to take extra care to nourish my mind, body & spirit, along with ample space for restoration and sleep. 

Be mindful of what food, what thoughts, what words you allow into your body. Instead of grabbing the bag of potato chips and crap, feed your body with plant-based nutrients, with health and wellness. Feed your mind and heart with things that uplift your soul, things that raise your vibration, things that resonate deeply with who you are. 

Give space to feed your spirit (see my comments on meditation, connecting with nature, and play above). Create boundaries so nothing toxic can enter your space. Protect yourself from unnecessary negativity, fear and drama.

5) Courageous, Connected Conversations

Be extremely mindful of where you place your energy and what conversations you entertain. For words have magic, and can create unnecessary anxiety, fear, overwhelm and worry. When we feel unsafe, our default can often lead to over-analyzing, brooding and constantly talking about what we don't know. 

We become urgent and desperate for answers, for solutions. And, the more that anxiety rises, the more we focus all of our energy on the very thing catalyzing the worry in the first place. You have the power to choose a different path.

You can choose to seek the positive, the spaces in which to lean into gratitude. You can be more deliberate and purposeful in the words you use. You can rise above and seek understanding without attachment. The power to choose is always yours.

In addition to these resources, I also have created a program, where we can co-create what's truly possible, allowing ourselves the opportunity to "lift & shift" into a new mindset, a new heartset and a deeper, more connected community.

The Creating Yourself Resilient 7-Day Virtual Program is a way to bring a community of individuals together to talk openly, share concerns, learn tools of resilient power, and embrace the path of light and love.

For more about this new program & to register:

I am deeply committed to supporting you mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this time. I have designed this program to give you the practical tools you need for self-regulation, anxiety relief, and to create a greater sense of internal peace.

Why, you might ask ... well, because we are all in this together. The more we can stay grounded and connected, the more we can rise above, support our loved ones & our community, and nourish our overall well-being. 

And, the more WE raise the level of consciousness, raise the overall vibration across the globe and, together, create a higher sense of community and connection!

I am here to serve you as we navigate through these waters together.

Sending huge, virtual heart-to-heart hugs, Candy


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