Happy TRUE Year: Leaning into Our Own Truth

by candy barone Jan 06, 2022

A dear friend shared a powerful post on New Year’s Day with me from DeVon Franklin (American film producer, and author of Live Free: Exceed Your Highest Expectations and The
Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love).

I have since read it 3 times now.

And, each time DeVon's message hits me harder, hits me deeper in my core, and hits me
square in my own truth.

I feel ALL of this.

I feel the gravity and truth of starting the year in both pain and peace (for those that don’t know, Devon is in the midst of a painful divorce). The duality of these two emotions, theses two states feels like my current reality.

I feel as if I have been turned inside out, upside down, and spun all around the past two years.
Whereas, 2020 hit like a sucker punch, 2021 continued to take its own hits.

I know that I am not alone in this.

I think we put too much energy on trying to create "NEW" when we really need to put our
attention on what is “TRUE."

Here is what has been true for me. The past two years have been challenging. My business hasbeen completely restructured, and I released former clients and work I had been doing. I
watched friends and family suffer through COVID, losing too many I care deeply about.

I have felt lost at times, unfocused, unclear, and afraid of what was calling through me and for
me. I felt draw in to do even deeper work, to face my fears, and to continue my own healing.

It left me feeling like I wasn’t enough, like I failed somehow, and like I was uncertain about what the future holds for me, my business, my clients, my friends, and for humanity, in general.

I found myself needing deeper levels of rest and restoration. I’ve shed a LOT of tears. And, I
found myself in the full throes of menopause at the same time. Fun times, right?

And, yet here I am.

I find myself softer … quieter … gentler.

I realized that I am learning to listen unguarded, without judgment, and more openly. I am
allowing myself to dance naked in my own vulnerability. I am tapping into a new level of
curiosity and playing full out in the possibilities.

And, I still feel the ebb and flow between pain and peace. Then, I remembered that we have an opportunity to give our pain purpose. To extract the lessons, the hardships, the falls and bring them forward. To teach, to guide, to create sacred safe containers.

For that is my gift. That is why I am here.

So, I declare it’s time for greater truth … truth that allows us the framework to truly shift the
level of consciousness and raise the level of leadership needed right now.

It’s time for us to ask ourselves these questions (and many more):

  • What is true for us individually, and collectively?
  • What is truly meaningful and connected in our lives.
  • What is it that fully lights us up?
  • What stokes that fire within us?
  • What do we feel we are called to do?
  • How do we honor showing up for ourselves, and each other?
  • How do we live in the fullness of who we are?
  • How do we take time to rest, restore, recharge?
  • How do we explore paths for greater healing?
  • How do we learn to BE, rather than more DO and more busy?

Let's allow ourselves space and grace to open ourselves up to letting in this truth, this entry
into expansion, and this elevation into our next ascension (whatever that may be).

For this quest is to be one guided by our soul, led by our heart, and surrendered to God.

I agree with DeVon ... it's time for truth.

So, with that I wish you all a Happy TRUE Year. ❤

(For DeVon’s full post: https://www.facebook.com/DeVonFranklinOfficial/posts/469895954496073)

With love, light & grace, Candy


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