Busting Through the 3 Biggest Myths Regarding Human Design

by candy barone Sep 26, 2023

It was a little over five years ago when a client, in one of my mastermind groups, introduced Human Design to me. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday, as I was just coming off a very powerful retreat weekend working with a spiritual teacher of mine up in Vancouver.

There was so much healing that came through for me that weekend. In fact, I recall one moment when I actually spoke into the trees and to my ancestral lines handing back all the generational karma that was not mine. I asked my lineage, in that moment, to take their stuff back, so I could focus on my own work and healing.

I was changed as a result of that weekend. I was wide open, and feeling into the expansive energy around and within me. I was curious to other modalities and was ready to lean into the Truth of who I truly was. Though, that didn’t come with it’s own set of fears and vulnerabilities.

Enter the conversation I had with Lynn.

She told me about some work she had done with another coach around her Human Design chart. At first, I could feel my resistance creep back in … as I thought: “I am not interested in anymore woo-woo stuff right now.” But, even as I could feel the old me wanting to shut this down, a different part of me felt this deep, intrinsic curiosity start to rise.

Despite the fear and hesitation, I allowed space for the wonder to fill me up and to remain open to the possibilities. I mean, it showed up for a reason.

So, I found myself looking up my own chart.

I fell down the very first rabbit hole, that in turn, lead me on a 5-year+ exploration and journey of never-ending rabbit holes … which, now, I am happily and eagerly jumping down.

Human Design was a game-changer for me.

Let me back up for a minute. I mean I was no rookie when it came to assessments. I studied DiSC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinders, and Personalysis, intensely … just to name a few, and even use those tools with my cleitns and the teams I work with. Lately, I even have found myself dabbling (and starting to go deeper) with Enneagram, too.

So, I’m not surprised there was a curiosity that rose within me … I mean, Human Design was just another assessment, right? Or, was it?

Myth #1: Human Design is an assessment tool

I wouldn’t call Human Design an assessment tool. Most assessment tools are based on a series of questions that take into account any filters, conditioning, programming, experiences and emotions you may be carrying with you as you answer those specific questions.

This leaves room for interpretation and nuances. See, how we answer those questions are based on multiple conditions, filters and frames, which also can change from time-to-time. I know this to be true as I have watched my DiSC, Myers-Briggs, and StrengthFinders results change over the years as I have gained different perspectives, experiences, wisdom, and had my intrinsic motivations shift.

Human Design, on the other hand, does not change. It is a function of three static things: 1) your date of birth, 2) your time of birth, and the location of your birth.

Based on these three variables, Human Design then brings together Eastern & Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra System, the Judaic Kabbalah (the Tree of Life), the Chinese I’Ching (the 64 hexagrams), and Quantum Physics.

Therefore, Human Design is an energetic blueprint, not an assessment.

And, for me, once I really started to dig in and peel back the layers (which truly are never-ending), I realized something quite profound. Human Design was like a permission slip … permission to be ME.

Things I used to struggle with now made sense. Areas where I felt I couldn’t do the thing the way others did the thing finally added up. I could see where both imposter syndrome and burnout stemmed from. And, it freed me from an box or lable I previously put myself in, or allowed others to dictate on my behalf. I found myself being able to take back and reclaim my own power and potential.

Myth #2: Human Design tells you ‘who’ you are

This is one of the biggest mistakes in understanding your Human Design chart, as it is not a box or label to force yourself into. Because you are not a static state, but rather a dynamic, evolving, every-changing energic form.

As Karen Curry Parker, former student of Ra Uru Hu (founder of Human Design) and the creator and founder of Quantum Human Design, states:

“Human Design is not ‘who’ you are. Human Design is ‘how’ you are.”

Your unique, energetic blueprint illustrates how you are.

  • How you access energy (and how you absorb & amplify it from others).
  • How your energy operates (how you work, play & rest best)
  • How you make correct decisions for you.
  • How you interact with the world around you.
  • How you consume and digest information and food.
  • How to set your environments up for your greatest success.
  • How you manifest.
  • How you magnetize and naturally attract opportunities.
  • How your mind and imagination work.
  • How you lead.
  • How you attract wealth and abundance.

Think about it this way … say you were a once-in-a-lifetime prototype (let’s be honest … you really are) of the most beautiful and powerful car ever to be made. You would need to know how best to take care of this prototype for optimal performance, right?

Such as, what type of fuel you would need, how to store (rest) this prototype, which roads are best for your tires … and, so on. You would want (need) an operating manual to highlight at the ways to maximize and optimize how you run, how your perform, and how you operate best.

Human Design is simply the operating manual of YOU.

It simply shows you ‘how’ to be (in alignment) in the fullenss of who you authentically are. And, you get to choose ‘who’ you be.

Human Design illuminates your strengths and superpowers. It also highlights the shadows and challenges that are part of your Soul Curriculum. Your chart show you the most authentic way for you to navigate your life (again, it’s a map of ‘how’).

Human Design is a map (or personal GPS) to help you find your own due north, and to fully come back home to yourself. It’s a tool that helps you remember who you are, by showing you how you operate best.

It maps out how you’re naturally wired and are inclined to interact with others and the world around you. Your Soul Curriculum is designed for you to learn through your interactions and relationships with other people. In understanding your chart, you remember how to make correct choices that are aligned to your unique energy and way of being.

The ‘who’ of you is what you get to decide. As you remember and understand the nuances within your energetic blueprint, you then can contemplate and discern what aspects of your chart resonate, and how you translate your purpose and the gifts you are here to share.

Not to mention … you are your purpose.

It’s that simple. And, you already have everything you need to fulfill your Dharma, and the purpose of YOU. It’s simply a matter of remembering who you truly are, and coming back home to yourself and your Truth.

Myth #3: Something’s wrong with me … I don’t have “x” in my chart

You have access to ALL of the chart, regardless of your openness (Gates, Channels and Centers). Even if, say, you are a Reflector (Type / Aura) with all open or undefined centers, you still have access to everything in the chart.

Again, it’s just a matter of ‘how’.

It’s a matter of ‘how’ you be. There isn’t one chart more powerful than another. No design that is the end all be all. As Karen Curry Parker says:

“We all have all the chart.
Everyone can ‘do’ anything and has access to all the parts.”

The chart indicates which energy is consistent and sustainable for you (your defined Gates, Channels and Centers), and which energy you absorb and amplify from others (your undefined and open areas).

We all can work, rest and play. It’s just how we do so that differs. Our chart serves to show us how we can do it in the correct way for our own authentic alignment, coding and wiring.

There is no such things as a good or bad design. It just is. And, your design serves a purpose im the grand scheme of things … YOUR purpose.

Consider this: you are a once-in-a-lifetime miracle, a cosmic event. You are on this Earth right now, at this time, for a reason. The reason is that you are a unique piece of the puzzle, of the overall Cosmic Plan. Your gifts are here to be shared in order to activate your part. You are here on purpose.

You are THE purpose.

The alignment of who YOU were designed to be is YOUR purpose. Your Human Design chart is just your operating manual to help you remember who the f*ck you are. Human Design helps you understand your Soul Purpose and your Life Journey — how and what you are here to learn, heal, share, teach, and communicate.

It’s your personalized GPS to become truly aligned AF.

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