My Take on Meditation & Mindfulness

by candy barone Oct 17, 2020

Sitting still has always been really hard for me. Just ask my mom. Lol!

I've struggle with everything from slow flow types of yoga to traditional forms of meditation. I actually used to even shame myself for not "getting it right" when I would try these types of classes.

I wanted to learn, yet it never fully took. I then had a friend ask me about how I create space for mindfulness ...

  • Were there things I gravitated towards that calmed me?
  • Could I take time to simply slow things down?
  • Was I making time for myself and feeding my soul?

And, the answer was a resounding YES!

In fact, I have quite a few ways I allow myself space for mindfulness and deeper connection to myself.  Here's a few of my favorites ...


Spiritual Walks

One of my favorite ways to mediate and create mindfulness is by being in nature. It's my sanctuary, my church, my sacred space. I find I can connect to not only myself, but to Source and the Universe overall.  

Payton, my beloved sidekick (dog), and I take to the trails every Monday morning to start the week. I spend the 5-mile loop talking to God. It centers me and helps me set intentions for how I choose to show up and serve.

I usually hit the trails a few more times during each week, as well. Otherwise, I take daily walks with Payton to connect, to breathe and to engage in prayer and reflection. 


Listening to the Trees

There are times when I sit outside in my backyard on my deck and just listen to the trees. I watch the critters, such as squirrels, move about and marvel at the perfection and orchestration of life and nature.


 I love to hear the leaves rustle as the breeze lifts them up and they begin to dance. The trees have quite a bit to express if you only allow yourself time to listen.



Lately, I been finding deep soul connection  when I listen to cello or piano music. There is something about the instrumental pieces that transports me to a quiet space within myself.

The music helps me feel grounded, open, connected. Sometimes, the score of a beautiful also can do the trick. My favorites are the soundtrack from: The Shift (with Wayne Dyer) and Pride & Prejudice. 



Ah, I love to dance. You might catch me blasting some 80s music on the weekends and just letting my body respond. But, it doesn't have to be just high-energy beats that gets me moving ... I love to dance no matter the genre.

Even just letting the music fill my being and sway to the beat, or tap my foot or fingers to the tune, I find myself reign able to really center myself in the process. 

Music also helps in my training and how I work out, especially when I box ... which has it's own zen-like rhythm I can get lost in.


Firelight and Candles

Now that the cooler weather is here, you more than likely will find me on many evenings curled up with a blanket and a fire roaring. There is something so restorative about snuggling up by a fire.

If I don't have a Hallmark movie completing the ambience of such an evening, I just sit in the silence and watch the flames dance. I let my mind vacate itself and simply let wonder and curiosity play.  


Mix It Up ... Really, It's OK

Now, don't get me wrong, I have learned over the years how to appreciate stillness. I now am able to mediate in multiple ways now.

However it's my kind of stillness ... not what I have been told I should do. And, it varies depending on what my soul needs most in any given moment, what speaks to my heart.

I have found my own path. My own version of meditation and mindfulness that works for me. And, I encourage you to find yours.

You see, spirituality, connecting to your higher self, going deep, and tapping into stillness are personal. A journey and path that's yours and yours alone. It's not a space anyone else can possibly dictate what it should or shouldn't look or feel like.


As you can see, meditation and mindfulness can take on many forms. So, let yourself move, breathe in nature, take in a little music or sit fireside and just be. Whatever that means for you ... just be.

- Candy



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