Need a Do-Over?

by candy barone Jan 31, 2016

"Decided my 2016 starts again on February 1st ... this was a trial month"

I saw a great quote today on Facebook that inspired my desire to write this particular blog. You see, too many times already I have heard you grumbling about how quickly January flew by, and that you still feel like you are trying to catch their breath and get over the holiday hangover. You already feel the grind happening TO you all over again, and are starting to feel overwhelmed by all the things you HAVE to do. Priorities and commitments continue to build, and you are right back doing the same things you did in 2015.

Which means, you are going to get the SAME results!

So, I am here to tell you to STOP the nonsense! You ARE better than that! YOU DESERVE MORE! And, not more "to-do"s, "got to"s, "need to"s or "have to"s -- enough already! When are you going to truly give yourself permission to say YES to YOU? Because, YOU matter! The only "should" in your life is that one saying you "should" be living the life you desire. You "should" be happy, which by the way, is a choice only you can make.

But, here's the best part ... you don't have to go at it alone! Consider enlisting an accountability partner, coach or mentor to help you create a plan for you to take the action required to get the traction you really want most. It's almost impossible for any of us to see the forest for the tress, myself included. Which is why I invest in a business coach for myself, as well as being part of a mastermind and accountability group. I struggle like you to see beyond what's right in front of me. I tend to be very myopic when it comes to ME. Things I can see as opportunities and barriers for others, I am often blinded by for myself. It's human nature. And, I accept that.

What I don't accept is sitting idle, allowing that to be my reality. I desire so much more, and I know that I am worthy of creating the lifestyle I dream of. I also know that if God gave it to me to carry in my dreams, then He also gave it to me to step fully into. And, in order to do that, I need help.

Like you, I get in my own way repeatedly. And though, I had a really great year in 2015 ... I know there is more I can achieve, more I can impact, and more people I can serve with my gifts. As such, I choose to step fully into my potential, doing so more and more every day, as it is a journey, an evolution, and not a destination.

As I share my own vulnerability with you, I understand how scary it can be. Trust me, my coach hears my fears often and we discuss ways for me to break through them. Sometimes, just in talking them out loud, I can see the very things preventing my greatness and ways to take immediate action. Other times, it is a bit more challenging to step out of my comfort zone. having her to help me assess those barriers, being a sounding board, and truthfully the kick in the ass I need at times, I am able to move forward with leaps and bounds. And, I am able to help my clients BECAUSE I CHOOSE to walk the same walk myself. I invest in ME.

So, my question to you: What will it take for you to invest in YOU? What are you waiting for?

Every moment that goes by is another moment you are choosing not to serve those who need you most. It is our biggest roadblock as individuals. As a result, I have my clients ask themselves three questions when they find they are playing too small:
Who are you not serving by playing small? (Sometimes the answer is YOU.)
Whose permission are you taking away because you are too scared to ask the question that needs to be asked, the one in your heart because you are afraid of a "no"? (When you make assumptions of any kind, you take away people's permission to decide how to value you and the gifts you offer.)
Who are you not letting shine their light because you are not fully showing up? (Sometimes it's not about who we serve others, but allowing others to serve us with their gifts.)

So, are YOU tired of playing small? If so, then message me and reach out if you are serious about taking your life and business to the next level and making 2016 the year YOU ‪#‎goBIGtogrowBIGGER‬ ... and, if not me, then find the right accountability resource(s) to help you take the action you need in order to life the live you desire. No more dragging your feet. It's time to say YES to YOU!

Now, it might "hurt" a little. Lol ... I say this because I'm going to be tough with you and push you OUT of YOUR comfort zone, and I want you to come to the table ready. For "if it isn't big enough to scare you, it isn't big enough to grow you!" Regardless of how tough and uncomfortable it might be at times, I promise I will love you through it and be with you every step of the way!

Together, we can create a plan to help YOU achieve explosive growth, fulfillment in your life and great capacity for you to shine you light and serve others. The question that remains is: Are you ready?

As always, I am here, and I am listening.

Sending lots of love and heart-to-heart hugs.

- Candy



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