Silver Linings I Found When I Was Hacked

you empowered strong Jan 06, 2020

Sometimes blessings truly are in the mess ... Today, I was hacked.

Both my emails were compromised and messages went out to all my contacts.

It was truly a holy hell Monday ... and, it's the first Monday of 2020.

Happy New Year to me, right!

After my morning Facebook Live (Coffee Chats with Coach Candy) for my YES Monthly crew, I was inundated with a barrage of text messages, phone calls and emails from people letting my know that had received a suspicious message from me. 

The messages flooded my Facebook messenger, both emails and my phone. Let's just say, this was not how I had planned to start my day ... essentially, the first Monday back after an easy, restful, recharging holiday.

Well, as they say ... best intentions ...

Initially, as is our human nature, I reacted to the situation. I found myself frustrated, anxious and wondering why this was happening to me, today.

Then, my attitude shifted ...

Today's chaos and unexpected turn of events provided some powerful opportunities:

1. I gained perspective on the compassion of others.

It started with the gracious response and assistance I received when calling Apple, then working through the troubleshooting guide for Google / Gmail, and then lastly, when I talked to my bank. Everyone was so helpful.

So responsive. So patient. So kind.

I found myself thinking, "this is ok, I've got this. The Universe is sending me a message ... there is something I should pay attention to."

So, I leaned in ... and, gave what was happening my full attention.

Then, the outpouring of concern started to flood in, as I received emails and texts from friends, clients, even mere acquaintances. They all were checking in on me. 

My list came through ...

They reached out in waves to inquire about the message sent out on my behalf

So many people wanted to see if the email was legit, to make sure I hadn't been hacked.

Which, of course, I was.

The best part, was that so many people were willing to step up if the email actually was legit. (It was a request for money due to unforeseen circumstances. Again, not something I initiated ... yet, something people were willing to help, if truly needed).

(Sigh) ... 

My heart is overflowing with love. The generosity and the willingness to help from so many people has left me feeling immensely blessed. Words cannot express how deeply I grateful and moved I am.

 2. I was able to deepen relationships.

As a result of such an outpouring of love and kindness, I was able to re-connect with people I haven't talked to in ages.

Conversations went deep. We were able to catch up on meaningful aspects of our lives. We raise our virtual glasses to each other as a cheers for a successful and joyful New Year.

I now have appointments and follow-ups with beautiful souls I get to spend more time with and strengthen our connection, bond and relationship. 

A silver lining ...


3. I purged weight I no longer needed.

There is something about being hacked that forces you to assess and evaluate every potential hole in the system. To take inventory of everything on your computer.

I spent the morning resetting every password, clearing out saved caches, deleting old apps, removing saved passwords to Google ... scrubbed files, and cleaned out every nook and cranny on my laptop. 

I shed some unnecessary weight. As I look at what my next level is, I think this may have be a divine design by the Universe to clear out what no longer serves me.  

Again, another silver lining ...

Divine Design, Silver Linings & Blessings in Disguise

Today could have been a complete shit storm, had I allowed it to be. It could have derailed my first week of 2020, it could have worn me out.

Instead, I chose to believe that the Universe was sending me a message ... that there was something I should pay attention to.

And, lo and behold ... that's exactly what I got. A message. And, many blessings in disguise.

Powerful messages of what matters most. And, great insight that no matter what life may throw at me, I get to choose how I respond!

You see, it's always about perspective and our ability to decide. Shall I react or will I choose to respond. In every moment, the choice is ours to make.

Wishing y'all a beautiful new year and decade!

Cheers to 2020, 



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