The Intersection at Pecan Park: A Miracle & Moment of Grace

by candy barone May 02, 2021
There are moments ...
Moments where real miracles are presented to remind us to practice gratitude, to remember what's most important, and to lean into a space of deeper compassion.
Moments of grace.
I had a moment like that a few weeks ago, on a random Wednesday night as I was coming back from my Camp Gladiator workout.
I was in a car accident. A young woman blew a red light hitting the car next to me in the left turn, who then fishtailed hard and hit me, as well.
The moment was instantaneous. It was like it was slow motion, and all at once, at the same time. I could see the moment unfolding as it happened, and just as I was about to let out a nice "oh fuck" my airbag deployed ... almost as if to say, "I got you. I got you."
And, that's exactly what my airbag did ... it had me fully, embraced and protected. Aside from a slight cut and burn on my arm from it deploying, I walked away unscathed.
And, so did the other two drivers. All three of our cars had to be towed, as none were operable ... and since, we've all been told they were totaled. The driver who caused the accident had a young daughter in the car, as well.
We ALL walked away.
We all were held in a protective blanket of love, of safety, of protection.
And, the crazy part ... had I been the car in the far left lane, versus the inner left lane, the result may not have faired so well. For she drove a Hyundai Sonata and the first car hit was a Kia Rio, which bent and collapsed like an accordion ... making me believe that both cars simultaneously absorbed the impact. She was driving at least 55 mph with no time to brake as she flew through the red light.
My car, as you can see, is an SUV ... a sturdy Honda CRV. Somehow I think if my car would have been the one t-boned and hit first, the impact to her car would have been deadly, or far more destructive than it was.
However, something compelled me not to wait in the far left lane. I even thought about it for a minute ... by the grace of God, that choice, the one decision, could have significantly altered the outcome of this moment.
And, my heart broke for the young girl who was distracted and found herself, in another moment, the cause of a pretty serious car wreck. She was hysterical. All the rest of us affected cared about was that everyone was ok, and that her baby was safe.
The fire department and police officers on the scene were amazing and so deeply compassionate. Somehow, we all leaned into together.
Accidents happen. Life happens.
In the end, it's a lot of metal that got scraped ... that's all. I got to come home to my puppy (my beloved Payton Wrigley), and the other two drivers got to go home to their families, as well. 
It wasn't about blame or cruelty, or complaining or being angry. It was about a moment, a compassionate moment where we all understood there is so much going on in the world and with all of us right now, we've all been a little preoccupied, and that we all make mistakes.
It was an accident.
It is, and was, a moment of grace.
As for me, I  honestly am doing well. My arm is has healed almost completely. Aside from being tired and a little sore (both I believe are more from the adrenaline that kicked in more than anything), I truly walked away with zero injuries or delayed effect.
I have just been in a deep space of gratitude.
What's a moment of of grace or a miracle you have experienced? I would love to hear from you.
Please leave a comment and share.
With deep love & reverence, Candy 

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