Words Matter: Why You Need to Understand the Energy of the Ones You're Using

by candy barone Nov 09, 2023

Do you believe there is power in the words you choose? 

Are you intentional about the words you choose when telling your story, or communicating with others? What about with yourself?

You probably have heard the adage: “you become what you think.” But, did you know that while that holds very true, you actually not only become what you think, you also become what you speak, as well?

Whether you are influenced by the words of those you surround yourself with, the judgements passed that you acknowledge and unwittingly validate or internalize about yourself, or the internal dialogue in your own mind, you give power to what you think and speak about.

Words have magic, and cast spells. 

The universe gives you whatever you ask for, whether you believe this or not. You matriculate and call to you that which you give the most energy to.

Can you begin to see where this can start to become a merciless cycle that you continue to perpetuate if you are not intentional about what you are feeding your mind, heart, body, and soul?

Words create.

Our DNA responds to language. Every word we choose carries with it a vibrational energy and frequency. The words we choose transmit coding that brings the infinite into the finite, manifesting potential into form.

Words are codes for a story. The story and narrative we tell ourselves. 

Through the vibration (and meaning) of a word, our DNA either expands with a higher frequency or it will contract with a lower frequency. You can actually feel this happening in your body if you pay attention. When you think a word or speak a word, your body immediately tunes in. 

The vibration is a direct result of the meaning we assign to a word. 

For a word has little to no frequency if there is no meaning assigned to it. Consider a word like “money” and ask yourself, “What meaning am I giving to this? Is it an energy of expansion or contraction.” 

We can do this with every word. 

For every word we assign meaning to, we also then create a story from that meaning, and an energy. They then become the stories we tell about our lives, thus determining what we are able to create and manifest. 

It’s the meaning, the energy, that creates our beliefs. They dictate what we believe is possible, and how we access the potential available within the Quantum Field. It either stokes our imagination to see more, or if shuts down the power of possibility as it keeps us fixed or in a limited mindset. 

Words reinforce what we believe, and what we are committed to. 

They have the power to rewrite our own coding, to literally change our DNA, as we are learning through the study of epigenetics. 

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.” (as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

And, the words we choose as part of those behaviors and environments are everything. Words spark where we place our focus and attention, and they create an alignment to what we deem is really possible. 

By changing our narrative and being more intentional about the words we choose, we can effectively alter and shift our coding over time. 

For it is your story that creates your perceived reality.

To create a different story, or state of well-being in your life, we have to change the meanings we assign to the words we use overall. Our consciousness then is the catalyst, or “rocket fuel,” for how we create. 

When we change our words and the meanings we assign those words, we fundamentally change our DNA, and effectively change our lives. Which, by default, then changes the world. 

Consider the power of the butterfly effect: the idea that the simple movement of a butterfly’s wing can affect the world on a rather large scale, such as create a tsunami on the other side of the planet. 

This understanding rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected, and that every thought, choice, and action we make also have an equal and opposite reaction in a ripple effect across life, itself. 

What we think about and speak about manifests itself in energy that creates ripples out into the Universe. It’s why we need to remember that we each are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the Universe would have to completely rearrange itself if you were not here, right now, in this moment.

Thereby, the words we choose, and the meaning we allocate to them, align with the vibration they hold, cast a ripple out, impacting life, the world, and our future. One of my favorite books that illuminates this concept is Andy Andrews’ The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters.

In it, Andrews shows how shifting a simple decision or action could significantly alter the course of our history. It’s very similar to the calibration tools of an airplane. A few degrees off can create a trajectory that lands the plans hundreds of miles off it’s initial target. 

When we conscientiously chose to hold a higher frequency and vibration (through the intentionality of the word we choose), we activate somewhat of a force field around us. Such that, lower frequencies cannot bring higher frequencies down. Only higher frequencies can lift and raise lower ones. 

We then have the power to lift and raise the people around us. 

In order to do this, we need to maintain a higher vibrational frequency. We need to first decondition the current story we hold, and the narrative of our lives that we continue to tell. 

Whether through programming, our ancestral lineage, or our experiences, many of us still hold a narrative that in many ways is still holding us back. 

When we remember who we truly are, and begin the journey back home to ourselves, we can begin to deconstruct the conditioning that has be providing us with these lower vibration narratives. 

One of the most powerful ways I have found to decondition that programming and rewrite our narratives is through the understanding of our unique Human Design, or energetic blueprint. 

Human Design is the operating plan of YOU. 

There is a language and energetic coding that exists within our individual designs. Our charts map out the specific conditioning, fears, and programming that has us stuck in lower frequencies. 

Once we deconstruct the various components within our chart and access a deeper understanding of how we are wired, we then can consciously put the pieces back together and alter the narrative of our own story altogether.

Because within your chart lives the story of you, individually, along with the story of humanity, collectively. 

Too often, however, we think our story is fixed. That who we are is just what it is. We feel constricted and confined in the meaning we have assigned to our own coding and narrative. 

We identify with it. We forget that we have sovereignty and agency of choice. For, we can choose who we are. And, that choice can evolve over time. 

Part of our Soul Curriculum is to learn how to make decisions that are “right” or “correct” for us. And, it starts with the story we tell of ourselves. 

When we understand how we operate, inside the who we choose, we can begin to rewrite the narrative to create a higher vibrational frequency to call in and manifest more expansion and abundance into form. 

We raise the bar and draw others to us, as a result. This allows us to meet people where they are and help them rise in their own frequency. 

Effectively, in doing this, we raise the overall vibration of the world. 

As we decondition our individual programming, and change the story we tell, we also learn how to truly value ourselves. 

When we recognize that we are each enough, and have always been enough, we stop limiting our potential in the vain of competition and start owning our unique place in the overall Cosmic Plan. 

From there, we each then are able to be the full expression of who we are, thus creating healing on an individual and collective scale. 

This all is a function of the language we use to tell our story. It’s the framing for which we give meaning to our individual and collective narratives. 

We can start this journey in acknowledging the two most powerful words to help us activate our highest level of manifestation: I am. 

I am = what you create and the direction of your life

Now, we all struggle with our own internal dialogue from time to time, even when we try to be intentional. We learn behaviors and create responses by watching how others react, by receiving feedback from others, or by protecting ourselves from experiences we personally have had, often simply as a means to keep ourselves safe and survive. 

These learned behaviors often become automatic responses.

Even when the beginnings of fear or doubt creep in (trust me, it’s human nature, no matter how intentional you are, to have these feelings show up from time to time), we can become more conscientious and refocus to choose our words more carefully. By becoming more intentional and purposeful about the words we choose, you also change our actions, as a result.

We create a more meaningful ripple effect, and Living Legacy. 

We become what we give the most energy to, so put your energy in the thoughts that serve you, and others, best. 

It is up to each of us to let go of the fear, the doubt, and the negativity in the words and thoughts we choose. 

For starters, ask yourself, “Am I being intentional about my own self talk? “Am I treating myself the way I want others to treat me? What energy am I creating for myself, and for others? Are my words expansive?”

Take a moment to reflect on your own patterns and decide whether you are being more intentional about the words you use with strangers, friends, and loved ones versus the ones you choose to use for yourself?

So, how does your current internal dialogue go?

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